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The Queen of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea offers the most valuable services that you can trust.
The history of the Regina Group Hotel Chain was born from the tireless work of  Bedinaj family.  Who built along the coastline Vlora – Orikum, in Radhima the first hotel Regina.  A modest 3-star hotel with only 5 rooms.

From year to year, revenues began to increase and investments are being made in the hospitality industry as well.  The first serious investment in the field of Hospitality came in the fall of 2017 with the construction of Regina City, a 4-star hotel structure and 66 rooms in the coastal promenade called “Lungomare" in Vlora.  The hotel was a serious investment followed by the 5-star Hotel Regina Blu in 2020, a reconstruction of Hotel Regina.  Complete 100 rooms at the service of tourists, the structure designed by one of the most famous Italian architects, resembles a cruise ship anchored by the sea. Spacious rooms, private beach, infinity pool lying on the sea that creates the idea of infinity, from where you can enjoy the impressive sunsets of the southern city.

What you will find in our hotels are: new comfortable room conditions, nice pool and beaches, spectacular views, and friendly willing staff to make your stay an experience to remember.
The company also invested in the construction of the only shipyard in Albania.  In its Fleet, Regina Boats counts three cruise ships which carry out daily tourist itineraries with a capacity of up to 600 tourists to the Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan Island.
The company also invested in a new facility near the Harbor of Vlora.  Regina Garden was inaugurated in the summer of 2021.
Regina Group now has at its disposal 210 hotel rooms, three conference/meeting rooms, restaurants, lounge bar and private beaches, turning “Regina Group" into an authentic brand of the city of Vlora.

Highlight Features

Superior value. Beautiful area for hiking, exploring, and excursions. Incredible views.

Professional conference center. Clean, comfortable rooms.

Excellent restaurant. Complete seaside activities & amenities.

Trained and friendly staff. Commitment to client satisfaction.


Our History

For a couple of years we have been offering an outstanding service of hotelier in Albania and in the region. Hotel Regina has improved itself during the pas year in order to meet the highest values that make sure to offer all its clients a very comfortable stay. Our staff is delighted to serve you and make sure you get all the services you need.


Our Vision

We provide happiness, peace, joy, relaxation, tasteful cooking and amazing sunsets in our Hotel. We are inspired by sea in order to produce delicious foods that meet the highest standards and provide a bite full of Mediterranean taste. We encourage you to try our Hotel and we guarantee you that you will be visiting us again.


Our Services

Bar and restaurant in hotel
Free parking
Private beach
Room service
Air conditioned
Transport from Airport
Family Rooms
Car Rental
Payment by Card


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